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Many of the toys sitting wrapped in boxes under American Christmas trees today no doubt carry a familiar label: Made in China. But the U.S. still produces its fair share of toys. There are 563 doll, toy and game manufacturers spread throughout the states, according to Census data.
That’s according to the latest data available — from 2012 — tracking businesses that primarily make dolls, toys and games, “such as complete dolls, doll parts, doll clothes, action figures, toys, games (including electronic), hobby kits, and children’s vehicles (except metal bicycles and tricycles),” according to the Census. (Note: Census uses that category as a proxy to identify where toys are made, but the definition is limited, of course. Businesses that primarily manufacture other things—thus putting them in a different category—may also manufacture toys.)
California was home to 95 such manufacturers, more than any other state. New York followed with 34 manufacturers. Florida was next with 31. The remaining states were home to fewer than 30 manufacturers. Five states — Alaska, Hawaii, Oklahoma, South Dakota and Wyoming — each had one doll, toy and game manufacturer.
The manufacturers employed 7,481 workers during a single pay period in March 2012. And though the nation still has 563 such manufacturers overall, that number is down from 777 five years earlier, a drop of about 28 percent.
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